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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 172


He taps out

Tanya was ahead on points. She grabbed him by his hair and slammed a knee into his face. She grabbed him in a sleeper hold and slammed his head to the ground. She picked him back up and did it again adding pressure to the sleeper hold

"Tanya Doing her Put the Kids to Sleep hold" Scot Said

She watches the clock and pressed her breast in holding the hold. He trying to break out but couldnt seem to budge her arm. He tried to reach out to the ropes with his leg but she dragged him into the middle of the ring

"Tanya has it on pretty tight" Debbie Said

She slammed him down again picking him up. His legs went limp. She raise his arm, it fail once, she raise it again twice

"Come on" She Said

His arm fail down getting the point

It was 5 mintues left. She wasnt taking any changes. She slapped him awake and held his weaken body down. She took his cock inside her pussy and started riding him. Her pussy clench around him making him moan as she buried his face in her breast

"Yessss...yesss" Tanya Monaed

The clock was ticking down

She was moving faster

"OHHH YESSSS" Alex Screamed

He grabbed onto her ass and came giving her a final point as the Bell ring. She stood up with a cum soaked pussy and grabbed the belt. She held it in the air as Alex laid on the ground and raise her hand held high

Tanya Steven soccer mom X bad girl has won


what does she do with the belt?

          Nothing yet, as she is attacked!


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