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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 71


While the two girls were fighting Becky snucked up behind them with a fire extiguisher and let loose

It sprayed all over the two girls and Becky hit nightmare upside the head with it. In Becky other hand was a cattle prod which she put against Boogie Pussy

She let loose as Boogie screamed, sending shock waves up her and making her cum. She pulled down her pants and pushed it into the holloween wrestler pussy zapping her again and again

"My god"Debbie said watching

"All Legal" Scot Said

Becky kicked Nighmare in the ribs. She picked nightmare up and put a suplex on him landing her back against the steal gate. Beck walked over to Boogie and went back to shocking

"You better quit whore..or I keep doing it" Becky Said

Becky bent Boogie over and put the cattle prod through her own legs. This way she could slammed it into Boogie like it was her cock grabbing her hair as she did. Boggie Moaned sweat dripping down her gigantic breast


can Beck eliminate anyone

          Not to everyone frustrations, she can't


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