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"I was thinking about your teaching. Reading up on you. I was an orphan who worked at a church, with all the other orpahns. I really liked it there" He Said "Lot of nuns..very kind. Where a I got respect for women"

"That sweet"

"But was force to leave. I grew my sexual skills and body young and wanted to please and share with the women. The preist found out and said I was a sinner when they found me with 5 women. And sent me away. Same happen with a lot of churches around. They told me sex was a sinfully thing but didn't beleave so couln't join the churches fully"

" is what bring us closer to God and all her Her glory" Mary Said "I faught against the misconception for years

"So you beleave one can be sexual and spirtual"

"I dont just think so I know so...and they go together. Its an essential element" Mary Said

She motion him over to the bedroom

"I can show you" Mary Said "If you like"

5 Hours Later

Tanya Mcvan was waiting in her mansion by a fireplace. Her picks didn't win for the mix belt. One of her sparing partners and pains in her ass Mary did. But she was glad a man didn't win at least. She was going to celebrate with one of her bodyguard Juan. He was later

She hated to be kept waiting
Lucky for her she had a tracking chip that she slipped on the phone. It trace where she was. It said he was at Sister Mary Chapel/bar

Anger filled her eyes an she tossed her glass of wine in the fire making little burst of fire

At Mary's Place

Mary was laying next to Juan in a bed with silk seats. A giant cross was over the bed. They both were naked dripping with sweat stroking his cock.

"That was great. Few people can keep up with me like that" Mary Said

"Mmmm I can say the same. That feels wonderfull. Best Bibal Study I ever had"Juan Said

"Hopefully you can help me spread that word and get over the silly idea that sex is something to feel shame of"

"Adding Sex with God. Lot of people wont like that. I fight with you again people but you will have to fight. People dont like change"

"Let them come" Mary Said "Ready for some after class activity"

Mary smirked grabbing his cock


whats next?



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