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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 157


Mama Luv was sorrounded by Young men and women. They had been stripped naked and laying at her feet. Some were through tables, other were tied up with sex toys in them

Mama Luv stood naked drench from head to toe in cum. Her giant breast glisten, dripping milk from her nipples. The cum dripped down her tits like a waterfall, as she licked it from her cleavage like it was a bowl of milk. She was sporting gloves and a 16 inch strapon

"Oh hey Jack" Mama Said

She went to shake his hand

"Ummmmmmmm no thanks"

"Ohhhh a little big baby" She Said. There was a hot shower.

The place had a hot tub, training equipment and weight set. To leave the place you had to go long steps

"This is me and Mary old Training Room. We use to have to carry boulders up and down those steps. Its a 1000 of them you know. took them a while to build an elevator in here" She Said washing herself "That a make shift Suna..using natural hot stones in this place, and spring as well as make shift steam room. all these weights we brought in here, and other students. There a small refrigertor and small garden we grew with speacial herbs"

"No Big hunks of meat to punch" Jack smirked

She pointed to a wall, there was a man with a chalk outline. There was also fist size dents

"That all punching bag...bare fisted. It helps you get power" She Said

She walked on the wall and gives a few punches

"It hurt like hell at fist, but help bring down hesitation..and work through pain. It also makes you powerfull. Your tough but your not the strongest wrestle in raw strengh" Mama Said

Mama had a young student towel herself off

She pointed to TV screen on TV

"This is the command center..we would bring in the other wrestlers strengh and weaknesses. I made sure to put in a DVD for you..Sister Mary- Holy Sisters of Sex. Hokey name but got most of her career high lights. Let you know her moves. Also put in Tara and Mary fights on DVD..from the last payper views"

"Why do I need Tara and Jessies"

"Actuly she goes by SISTER It because Tara and Jessie fighting in a Cage/Kiss My ass the pay per view coming up. Grudge Match For the Belt Jessie Sporting. It going to be intense...figure you may want to pick which one you going to put your moral support for a while"

"Damm Mary turn them against each other"

"Oh no..wasnt her. In fact Mary tried to pull them apart when they faught. Something about Gods Sister musn't fight among themselves..out of the ring. See apparently the idea you had sex with them both. They act like they dont care but they do. And Tara got mad that Jessie worked with Mary..said it was a betrayla. Tara was like if I couldnt befriend anyone Jack had a beef with...she be friend with no one. And said she was a Jealous bitch..who still hung up on Jack's dick..and being played. Tara got mad at this and..."


"Hey Hey dont get mad at me..told you...3 should of learn to share. Just date them both"

"Contrary to your belief..not everyone COOL WITH that like you. Some like the idea of having one spouse commitment..and not fucking everything with two legs" Jack Said

"Well room is up for you to use" Mama Said "Could help"


what does Jack do?

          Watches some films


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