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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 167


Mary took some lotion from her bag and rubbed it. She then poured some on both of their dicks

“This is a special church use in some of their indications. The lotions becomes VERY HOT, AND VERY COLD…and in between..changing back and fourth” Mary Said

She grabbed both of their cocks and started stroking it. They moaned as the warm..and then cold feeling hits. Suddenly they felt burning pain, and freezing cold…which cause screamed..back to soft warmth..and low cold. They were crying in pleasure pain as she was using her skilled hands to massage their cocks stroking

“Ohh god” Juan moaned

“Stop” Harvey moaned

“You know what You have to say” Mary Said going from each of their cocks licking them

“I Love you fuck me” Harvey Scream

“That nice my dear..but Juan has to say it”

“Let me go” Harvey cried

“Ohhh you wanted to interfear…so your taking it as much as he is. It only gets more intense as I stroke”

Both men cried out as they were cumming.

“Say it BOY” She Said

“Grrrrrr…” Juan “I…I…”

“Say it the more you cum the worst it gets”

Juan cock came hard due to the lotion causing the cum to shoot again

“I LOVE YOU FUCK ME” Juan cried

“Good boy” Mary Said

She did a chop to their neck knocking them both. She grabbed the mixed belt and hold it up in the air to a cheering crowd. Coffetie came down. The fireworks exploded around him as she waved to the crowd danching around the ring kissing the belt. She pointed to the heavens and did the sign of the cross

“Killer ending to the tournament” Scot Said

MARY whispered in his ear

"You were wondefull...great pontential..if you want to learn about my church join me off stage" Mary Said


what happens to Mary next?

          She gets new followers


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