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"See if you can hit those high note when I make your throat sore bitch" Peppy Said fucking her mouth roughly with a 12 inch "Yea....DEEP in that throat...want you sound like a blue singer when I am big tit freak"

Chantz Watch when she saw someone run toward the ring

the Goth Chick
Double D
She white
Good girl character
in her 20's
5.10 tall
curvy fitness model, in very good shape from working out. Very tight ass

The Hair is dark and black and cover part of her eyes. The tips are bunts to give a rocker style. Her eyes are blue showing off her beautiful face

She wear black nail polish and has tattoos
One says "Fuck everyone" above her ass. A scorpion on her left tit. A pink Skeleton head is on her left arm. A barbwire tattoos on her arm. Lot of strange symbols is on her back

She has her nose, tongue and nipples pierce. She normal takes some of them out for match.

History- She a wild Chick who into Wicca. Can’t stand posers and fakes of the world and hope to get in the ring and smash them. She doesn’t normally like authority but would help someone in need, or someone was being picked on. Got a wild and mean streak about her. She into kinky sex and got a quick temper

Dark rage- She does and brutal combo of punches and kicks followed by a punch in the gut, ending with a stone cold stunner type move

Feet of Hell- She stands on someone neck and plays with the private area with her other foot, or smash them. She’s an expert when it comes to foot fucking and can most people cum quickly. Can put her whole foot in someone’s clit

Deadly spin- She grabs someone by the tits and spins them around, before tossing them. If it’s a guy she uses his dick.

Gothic music- She slams someone into a ring post and lets them fall. She then slams her pussy into them and wraps her legs around the ring post so it hard to get her off. She either smothers or makes them eat her pussy. She slams into them so the back their head hit the ring post

Chantz Leaps down to meet her and tackle her

"Oh NO you dont bitch" Chantz Said grabbing her by the hair "You continue to take care of Delisha Peppy while I will handle this whore and show why I am champ"


Can Ann Help?

          She can try


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