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"Your husband quite a little boot licker" Mama Said

Kevin was licking the sole of her boot sucking the toe

"Ohhhh Yess I got to admit he was that. Good little ass licker to" Becky Said

"Wow I may of had the tits...but that ass to die for. You were always more fit and tone giving you a tight little ass." Mama Said

"Ohhh dont try to sugar coat me" Becky Said

"Ohhh Yess...could never do that trick you did. Remember the one you did on the teacher who tried to tell on us for skipping class" Mama Said

Becky Smiled

"Why dont you show him" Mama Said

Becky bent over and spread her ass cheeks

"Come on Tiger fuck me" She Said To Harolod. Harolod hesitated but she pushed her finger in making them more inviting. He ease his cock in "Come on harder then that"

He was slamming his cock in till his balls hit. Suddenly it gripped him and pushed him up down to the edge of his cock head and pushed him back in again, over and over. He couldnt stop him. Her ass was sucking him in and out.

"Ohhhhhhh God" Harold Said

Both girls laughed. Kevin was kissing up her leg and she made him do it slowly

"Mom sure tanned our hides that Day" Becky Said

"Couldnt sit for a week." Mama Said "But that teacher Sure gave us good grades after that"

"Remember that Salemen who came by our house. Big City boy...we were all alone tried to seduce with teaching us the ways of the world...and sex" Becky Said with her ass still playing with Harold making loud balls slapping sound against her ass

"Ohhh we acted all innocent....Gee Mr never seen a cock that big. Does all City boys have cocks so big" Mama Said

"We rode that boy till he couldnt walk, then use our toys on his little ass. We had to carry him to the hopsital and offer the The doctor some head to keep it quiet from mom" Becky Said "We had some fun back then what happen"

"Mom Pushed us to compete..thought it may us stronger. Which it did but think it affected us. Then it the whole Me being a manipulative controling bitch sometime..and you being a crazy sociopath" Mama Said making kevin lick her pussy

"Guess guilty as charged" Becky Said "You know I really am trying to be less crazy"

"Well I am trying to be less controling and bitching. Lets keep each other aware..when we fail on that" Mama Said

"Ohhhhhhhhh Shiiit" Harold Said cumming collasping on Becky's back

"Will do sis" Becky Said


what happens next for them?

          Mama and Becky make out


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