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Reina Kabuki
Bad Guy
age- 27
Race- Japanese
height- 5 ft 9
breast- C

Reina has a tall, graceful build, well shaped but not overly voluptuous. Has long black hair she wears in a top ponytail.

Bio: An aspiring sexfighter, Reina was inspired by the various Kabuki gimmicks in regular pro wrestling and decided to put her own twist on them. She paints her face and wears elaborate robes to the ring, and she unleashes the famous "Asian Mist" during matches. But instead of using it to blind people, hers has a different use...

Personality: Reina isn't so much evil or nasty, as a mysterious, somewhat intimidating loner. She tends to keep to herself, is standoffish with the other girls, and utterly ignores men unless forced to fight them.


Nerve strikes - used for gaining advantage in the fighting parts of the matches, especially useful in bringing a bigger opponent down.

(Unnamed) - It starts as a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Reina leaves her opponent bent across her knee, holds the opponent in a neck nerve hold with one hand and fingers her with the other.

Serpent's Snare - Reina starts a scissor trib attack, then puts the opponent in a leg lock, bending one of the opponents legs around her own so that she doesn't have the leverage to fight back

Asian mist - as previously mentioned, she utilizes the mist in the same way the other wrestlers with Kabuki gimmicks have.

Green - the most commonly used, this one makes the opponent much more easily stimulated
Red - Similar to the green, but it itself stimulates the opponent as well, sometimes sending them into a "sex fury"
Yellow - unusually, this mist serves to shut an opponent's sex drive down. A very strong anti-aphrodisiac.
Blue - Sedation mist, this one causes the opponent to move slower and weaker
Pink - This one causes hallucinations, basically making her opponent's fantasies seem to be real

Reina comes out in a sexy dojo outfit walking sleekly down the stage. She leaps into the ring and grabs the microphone

"The Sex match belt...will finnaly be in the hand of a true sex expert" She Said

Suddenly music comes on and her oppodent comes out

She's 5.5
and white
Around 19 years old
Triple D breast
Blue hair with some purple highlights
Piercings- Both of her tits,ears, bellybutton, left side of lip, right side of her nose, and two on her upper right eyebrow
Tattoos- A rose on the left side of her stomach, A heart with a arrow going through it that is dripping blood on her left arm, the words "Chaos Rules" on her right arm and above her ass the words "Bite Me"

Bio- After Jessie went through training with Zoe, she's became a different person. Now she more sadistic and dominated. She's a lot more confident in herself and have the skills to prove it. She likes to still be dominant but now she'll play with her opponents. She'll try to get into their minds especially the men and sometimes even have her way with them after the show backstage

Wrestling style- She's also became more of a daredevil ready to take the most death-defying moves that a lot of other wrestlers wouldn't dare take.

Suffication: She buries the foe's head in her massive chest until they give up.

The super fist- It when she fist a girls pussy and use pressure points with her fingers as her hand deep inside a woman. This is how she like to finish women and make them give up.

"WEll Well LOOK like someone finnal step up to the plate, Will have fun knocking you off it" Reina Said


what happens?

          They fight of course


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