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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 69


The Two girls started stomping on Holly using numbers games

Holly thinks and fight through the pain. She figure she has to get some distance. She rolls out of the line of fire and grab some pop rocks. She tossed it at Becky. The pop rocks land on her tits

" fighting me with Candy..bitch you much of lost your mind" Becky Said

But to her surprise the candy started exploding like little mini fireworks. Not enough to do any real damage but enough to cause pain and knock her. She tossed it at nightmare feet making her Jump. Boogie Tackles Becky knocking her down

"Those little tricks wont work..going to show you true fear bitch" Nightmare Said "Going to break...then rape you and make you feel a new level of pain"

Nigthmare leaps at her knocking each other out of the ring. She slams Boggie head 4 against the announce table and slaps her ass. A Finger goes deep into her asshole.

"Going to make this little asshole crimson red..when I use my strapon on it" Nightmare said

Boggie slamms her elbow into her trying to break away


Can she break the hold?

          No she doesn't


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