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Slutty Teacher | majus | 29


“Here we are.” Trey said to her as they stood before one of stalls “A perfect place for a slut like you. You will serve as 'public toilet' and quench any desires and needs that students demand from you.”

Mrs Veona felt many things right now. On one side it excited her – to be used in such a sluttish way. On other it frightened her – if any of staff got a wind of this, or principal... if news reached her husband...

When Trey pushed her towards the stall, she resisted, halting her advance. Leaning her back against his chest.

“Och? You don't want?” he asked. She felt his hand slip into her pussy “But down here, it says that you are 'all for' the idea.” he said as he brought his hand drenched with her juices to her face.

It was true. She couldn't stop fantasizing about that kind of activities.

“I know how to convince you. Let's make a bet. If I win, I will tie you to this stall, to be used as a refreshments for students, for a rest of a day. If you win, I will simply let you go.” Mrs Veona, not seeing any other way simply nodded her head. “Good. The bet is simple.” He slid his penis into her pussy. As tired as she was, she barely managed to stand on her legs as her body shocked from micro orgasm. He yanked her leash helping her to keep standing.

'After all this he still has no problem with keeping his erection! What kind of monster have I created!' Alyssa thought to herself.

As he stud behind her he continued with his explanation. “To put it simply it's an endurance test. I will start rocking my hips, pushing you into stall's wall. If you reach it before I ejaculate three times, you lose. If I ejaculate three times before you reach it – you win. Let's start.”

With that his hips slammed into hers. With each thrust one of her feet made small movement forward. Each time her body rocked forward, leash would rebound her back, her hips hitting back into his. And again, and again, and again, and again...


Who wins bet?

          Surprisingly, she.


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