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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 23


Tikka Screams as both of the Dominant Diva fucked her

Chantz is pushed the strapon in burying Tikka face in her breast "Love fucking this Asian pussy but hungry for more a half and hour later" Chantz Laughed

"Mmmmm damm this ass is tight no matter how many times we fucked it" Vicky laughs

"Ahhhhhh this little goodie girl cum. Arent you going to thank us. We made you cum so many times not thanking us would be rude. Your not one of those rude cunts aren't you" Chantz Said pulling her hair kissing

"Thank Your mistressess" Tikka Said

She grabbed the microphone and put it to Tikka's mouth

"Thank you for what" Chantz Said

"Thank you for raping me Mistresses...I am slut who deserve it" Tikka Said

The audience were shocked in how the broke them

"See this is what happen to those who oppose us" Chantz Said


what do they do, does anyone come to Tikka's rescue?


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