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Chichi next target was

Sister Mary

Age 40
Good girl
Giant beach ball size tits
Body type -Curvy and Voluptuous

Long Black hair and hazel eyes

Gimmick- Sister a deprave nun, that dress in a leather nun outfit with fisnet stocking that shows her long sexy legs. She here to punish the sinfull women and men in the ring

Weapon- Ruler, cat of nine tails, strapons and dildos


Ruler Punishment- She put them in a hold where she slams there back on her knee in a neck breaker, sometime two, and then turns them over into a spanking with the ruler

Divine Intervetion- A spinning suplex, sometimes from the top turn buckler.

Hellish Punishment- Where some wrapped and oppodents legs around her and pulls thier arms from behind. She hold them like this adding pressure on thier back and fucks them with a strapon. She has strengh to lift him when doing this

The Trinity- A mixture of punches to the tits/chest, and pussy or balls in rapid succesion followed with an uppercut

This bitch escpae Chichi clutches a while back but now that Chichi was champions she would crushed her. Mary had beaten her before so this was personal. But she thought about how to about it. Straight up fight..or mess with her before the match. Maybe play some mind game so by the time she fights her she already beaten


What does Chichi do?


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