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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 152


A young waiter came out and pulled out his pants show a fat 12 inch cock. She saw on his name tag "Jeremy"

"Well come over here son. Slip it in her need to be gentle with this one" Mama Said

"Dont you dare" Tara Said

But then she felt him climb on her back and pushed his cock deep into her asshole. He moaned as her ass tighten around it threatening to squeeze it off

"Oh there be none of that" Mama Said slapping her ass hard and digging her nails in "I know that nasty trick hell I invented it. Now lick that girls pussy faster"

Tara moaned out cumming in an intense climax as she was being fucked by both ends

"I can do this all day" Mama Said "Slower Jeremy...You dont want to blow your load let"

"Damm you" Tara moaned


can she make Tara Sumbit, can Tara get out of this?

          She almost does!


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