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A Boy at a Girls School | smegger29 | 7


As soon as you have finished reading the last few paragraphs of the manual, a smile slowly spreads across your face, quickly extending to grin that makes you look like a cat that not only got the cream, but the entire dairy too. You lay back on your bed and bask in the warm glow of the horny thoughts that flow through your mind, depicting the endless possibilities of it all.

You are disturbed from your fantasies by the beeping of the hourly chime on your alarm clock. You look at the time and realise that time seems to have flown past while you were day dreaming. It's 6 pm already. You jump up from your bed and quickly walk out the door, into the unusually quiet hallways.

You wonder as you are striding along where everyone has gone. There's usually at least a couple of people chatting on their way to different places. But tonight the halls are eerily quiet and strangely dark, like the lights have been dimmed slightly. As you near Miss Silverton's office your hear chatter coming from one of the demonstration rooms just past her doorway. "Probably just some boring lecture" you think to yourself.

You walk up to Miss Silverton's door and knock quietly. You hear the chatter quiet after you knock. You think this strange but before you can think about it Miss Silverton calls "Come in ". You walk in and stand in front of her desk. "Sit down please " she orders and sits on the corner of her desk. "What's this all about Miss Silverton?" you ask innocently but are hushed into silence by the wave of her hand. "Strip now " she commands. You are a little surprised by this but not totally as you fortunately read the manual before you arrived. "DO IT NOW " she shouts at you.

Not knowing what she may have in store, you hesistate a little and glance around the room, noticing the second door in her office is slightly ajar, leading into the demonstration room. " Yes, you will be going in there after you strip. That is where we will hold our Multiple Relationships Training Appointments from now on. Your MRTA's will be for 1 hour and it is mandatory that you participate as this is not just for your benefit but mainly for the benefit of our girls . Now strip and follow me." She walks to the doorway and waits for you to strip.


Do you strip or try to convince her that a one on one session would be better?

          A chance for wild group sex!!

          1 counselor, 1 student, no problems.

          Miss Silverton and you


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