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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 7


You hear 's catty comment, and can understand why she may be envious. The redhead now kneeling before you is the most dramatically endowed of the girls' nude swim class. Her cantaloupe size breasts weigh heavy on her chest, and would easily push a measuring tape past the forty inch mark.

"Hello, I'm Gina!" she says, offering her hand.

You grasp it, and squeeze it gently. "I'm " you smile back warmly.

"I'll be shaving your cock and balls today!" she says matter-of-factly, before she picks up the nearby razor and goes to work.

The girls closely surrounding you two giggle lightly before Miss Silverton shushes them. They all watch Gina's every move as she holds up your cock shaft to stretch out the skin of your ball sac, making it smooth for her to shave.

You try to focus your mind on unarousing thoughts as she squeezes your swollen prick. You don't want to spurt off in front of your new classmates.

You breath a sigh of relief as she finishes denuding your scrotum and releases your cock. She now turns her attention to what remains of your pubic bush. Your eyes bulge when you see your dick is nestled between the pillows of her big tits as she leans closer to shave off the hair above your cock. The slick creamy shaft of your cock slides easily between the fleshy funbags, and you find yourself rocking your hips subtly back and forth as you stand before her.


How far dare you go?

          All the way


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