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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 11


At the surprise of feeling your teacher's hands on your ass, you stand straight again. You are immediately indecisive, wondering if you should retrieve the papers, or if that was a trick to get you. Finally, Miss Martinez addresses you.

"Robert"," she says, "if you had read your manual the way I suggest, you would know you're running out of time to pick a major."

"Miss Martinez!" you say, "I chose a major years ago at my old school. Now, I've almost graduated!"

"According to those papers," Miss Martinez says, pointing to the pile on the floor, "your major was Physical Education. Not that we doubt your ability in this area,.."

"...But by the rules of this school, you must also pick a major language. English...," she continues, gesturing toward Miss Anderson, "or Spanish," she adds, gesturing towards herself.

"Well, I...," you say, but she holds up a finger.

"Robert," she says, "that tongue can inform me of your choice another way."

With that, she unbuttons her suit-jacket, and you see the thin strip of material left covering her pussy. Seeing no other choice, you begin to bend in that direction.

"Robert!" you hear a voice call, and you turn to see Diane.

"I thought I already accepted the offer for YOU to go in MY mouth!" she adds.

You shrug, and begin heading towards her.

"Robert," calls Miss Martinez's voice, making you pause and turn towards her, "you have dos lapices."

You can only guess at what this means, and quickly, before she continues.

"Solo pedimos que uno escriba un instructor elegido," she continues. ("We only ask that one enter a chosen instructor.")

You are definitely in agreement with the change in requirements, but are unsure how to act without upsetting Diane.


What do you do?


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