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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 10


“Try it again next week…” That sounds like a good idea to you. You’re never against giving something another shot. Then again, this isn’t your average thing. This is what the movies call “sexual situations” with a hot girl… And potentially hundreds of other similarly hot girls to follow.

You don’t really want to start out with a friend like Rebecca. You might embarrass yourself. Then again, maybe it’d be better if you started off with a friend. Not to mention that if you wait until next week, you still might have to start with Rebecca.

"How much time has passed?", you wonder to yourself. Probably not too much… Time something takes always seems to be longer than it actually is.

“Come on, Robert,” Miss Silverton’s voice calls out to you. “We’ve got other classes soon. Are you doing this or not? Maybe you should wait. This obviously isn’t your day.” She’s right, you think. “Unless you can think of some other way,” she adds.

“That’s it,” you think. “Actually, I’d like to give it a miss,” you tell her.

“Fine. We can do that,” she tells you.

“Great. Let’s give it a miss… MISS Silverton,” you tell her.

She looks shocked at you. “What are you talking about?”, she asks.

“I think you know,” you say. “Rebecca, get up. Miss Silverton, can you get down there?”


How does she react?


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