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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 11


Still considering your options, your eyes remain locked on her ass until she steps into a side room, at which point you can't see it any more. Seconds later, she curls her head around the doorway to look back out at you.

"Are you coming?" she asks.

You don't know how to answer that question. Finally, you decide to say "Yes" and you follow her into the room.

She soon begins what appears to be a normal checkup. She appears to be talking nicely enough, though you are paying little attention to what she is actually saying. The only thing that really makes you think, is why she is yet to ask you to hop up on the bed that is behind you in the room.

Finally, you notice she is staring at you in much the same way you are at her. She also appears to be repeating the same thing several times. As you listen, you realize what it is...

"Would you please remove your pants?"

You hesitate, slightly surprised.


How do you react?


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