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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 29


As you hear the door open, you sit up on the desk. You are surprised at how fast you are able to raise your upper body, nearly as fast as the female staff of the school have been able to raise your lower body.

There, you see Miss Silverton. Her hair is pulled back to the rear of her head, where she has collected it into a ponytail. This allows you to see the lack of straps on the top of her red bikini. This goes well, in your opinion, with the strings on the sides of the matching bottoms, which part of you hopes is a thong.

"Miss Lange!" Miss Silverton calls out, causing your teacher to join you in sitting on the desk.

"Miss Silverton!" she returns, before moving to stand alongside the desk. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, as Robert apparently neglected to tell you, I am his guidance counselor."

"I see," Miss Lange responds, shooting you a brief look, before looking back to Miss Silverton. "I'm sorry if he was late for a meeting with you."

"On the contrary," Miss Silverton responds, "we had nothing planned in the future. However, if I heard correctly as I was entering, you were attempting to make future plans with him."

"Uh... Uh... Uh...," Miss Lange stammers, finally deciding to confess. "Actually, yes, I was. However, I know it is wrong for staff and students to have such relationships, and if you say I must, I will end this one right now."

"Again, you have me wrong!" Miss Silverton says. "I am perfectly fine with any plans you care to make... So long as they from now on include me."


How does Miss Lange respond?


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