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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 29


You think for only a few seconds before answering.

"Miss Lange," you tell her, "I didn't expect to get that sort of relationship with you at all! If you'd prefer a one-on-one, that's OK by me!"

"Great," she says.

She then begins moving her head closer to yours. Suddenly, however, she pulls away. She then turns, and begins to head back towards her desk.

"What?!" you can't help but ask.

"Oh, Robert!" she says. "I just remembered there's a window in my door! I can't risk somebody walking by! If they see us, I could lose my job!"

As much as you hate to admit it to yourself, you know this is true.

"Unless!" she says, turning to face you again.

"What?!" you ask, staring into her eyes.

"Unless you agree to begin in my office!" she says, pointing to the back of the room. "You give me job security, and I give you a blowjob!"


How do you respond?


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