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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 8


"Well, you'll get that firmness," you tell her.

"Oh, yeah!" she says, and you glance at her face as she briefly escapes her authority-figure status.

"But not with the German woman here, who appears to be as cold as the average freezer," you say, gesturing toward the German instructor.

Your eyes are attracted to Miss Petrova as you hear her feet hit the floor. You get a brief glance at her ass, before she turns around again, and starts to walk towards the library door.

"INSTEAD," you continue before she can leave, "you will get that, and perhaps much more after the meeting tonight in my dorm. You see, it was not just Phoebe, but also a girl named Lisa, who directed me to you. Honestly, I am just as interested in her as I am in you. Therefore, tonight, you can advise me on what teachers have that my fellow students lack."

You watch her again quickly as she returns to her seat. Before you can notice a reaction, however, the rest of the students begin to file in.


What happens now?


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