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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 7


As the door opens, you see long legs. As your eyes travel up them, you see what appears to be another female with a brown, flat-top haircut.

“Hallo!” the woman says.

“Robert,” Miss Petrova says, “this is Miss Nietzsche, the German instructor. She is here to make sure nothing goes wrong. I chose her to accomplish this task because her ancestors were part of the Gestapo.”

As she finishes this sentence, Miss Nietzsche steps inside the room, and closes the door.

“However,” Miss Petrova says, calling your attention back to her, “you’ll find I do not require things as firm… Except where it counts.”

As she finishes this sentence, she slowly unbuttons her suit-jacket, allowing you to see that her hair is the only thing that has any chance of covering her round bust.


How do you react?

          She'll meet you and Lisa later


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