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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 155


All Parties Drove to the Hostage Exchange

Tifa was there as well as Sofia. Mama Had Sofia daughter tied up and gag

"Brought your little Ghettoe give me back my daughter" Sofia Said

Mama Luv Looked at Tifa

"Your part of this" Mama Said "You normaly have someone else make the deals for you. Your a little more how we say low key and discreet about your criminal undertakens"

"We all sometimes..even the smarter of us let our desires get us ahead of ourselves" Tifa Said

Mama Thought for second

"Most people yes...but not you"

"Listen bitch you want the girl or not" Sofia Said

"Find" Mama Said at the Same time.

Casey was by her holding a baseball bat. They exchange girls. Casey gave her wife a big kissed, and grabbed her ass

"Good to have you home sweetie" Casey Said

"Glad to be back Sugar" She Said


what happens next?

          They drive off and the real plan comes into action


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