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The Halloween Queen
Holly “Boogey Woman” Wane

Age: 27
race- white
Hair: lengthy black
Eyes: green
badish girl
D cup breasts
Body Type: toned and athletic with broad hips and long legs

Ring Attire: normally a black and orange long dress with slits in the thighs. Exposes a lot of creamy white cleavage and has black makeup around her eyes and lips. Likes to suck on a number of candies to keep her tongue an unnatural rainbow of colors.

What is known is that she was a bounty hunter for a time, and has been seen using many weapons and martial arts in her wrestling. This would explain why she’s such a threat to even top wrestlers. She has incredibly powerful legs.
Formerly known as Missy Klaws, Tanya McVan finally urged her to try something else for the rest of the year. Quickly setting to work, “Missy” redid her entire persona and look and style to match whatever season she may be in. Her technique and appearance and personality changed so much that not many women believe this could be her, so much perhaps an evil twin. This one happened to occur during Halloween. She even rewrote her personal history, raising more mystery about her origins.
Urgently born in an abandoned mansion in a graveyard on a full moon night, her very birth striking fear into her parents from their surroundings. She felt attuned to the dead, as though wielding a psychic ability, and she always felt most happy during the Halloween season. She would don costumes all month long, and sometimes even after. She loved scary stories, movies, costumes, and everything, loving to surprise and sneak up on friends and strangers just to hear their screams. She became addicted and came to the league to bring some fear to what would seem to be the bravest of women. Her obsession is with fear and the twisted, spooking and humiliating all she can, and even pranking women he’s not even in a match with. Also has a sweet tooth, so that helps.

Weapons: puts in the trick in trick or treat. Loves to surprise and trick her opponents, not to say she isn’t a poor fighter. Uses makeup, gags, toys, trick candy, sticky gum, sound affects devices, and anything she can excuse as haloweeny to scare and embarrass her foes

Midnight Howl: using a palmed microphone, she surprises her foe with an amplified scream to stun or simply terrify them

Pumpkin Guts: hurls pumpkin innards into her foes face, disgusting, scaring, and blinding them. Sometimes throws it, but more often hides some in her mouth and spews it out at them

Doll Paint: applies makeup on her foes, scented with a phermone to make them extra horny when they smell it. Comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Werewolf Claw: trips her opponent so they fall back onto her knee, spread out and doing an abdominal claw

She came in with a cloud of smoke

"Hello Ladies" She Said. She then tossed some dust in thier face blinding them. The Bell Rang and she tackled Becky out of the ring. She went into her bag of tricks and pulled out a bat hitting Ink in the stomach and then back. Nightmare swung at her, but she punched her in the stomach and then smothered her with her breast changing the Smother into a back Suplex causing the audience to cheer. Nightmare got up only to get a hard boot to the face

"Ohhh my God Boogey cleaning house" Scot Said

She grabbed Ink and punch her in the stomach and drag her to the ropes where she peform the move The hangman's noose it is where leaps off the ropes and performs a hanging head scissors, keeping them standing or on their knees. She grabs their hair and pulls them down farther into it. In this one Ink was standing trying to despertly get out of it. She grabbed hold of Ink Hair making her scream

"We may have our first tap out or pass out" Scot Said


Can Boogey continue to dominate

          First Elimination


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