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Later The Lights Came on in the ring the women came with weapons, chains, bats, dildos, strapons, all ready to fight the Hardcore Elimantion mathc

Becky Luv
White Heel
Double D’s
Blonde hair
Brown eyes

Becky was Mama Luv’s little sister, always caught in her shadow when they were young. She was always a few years behind Mama Luv, and was withdrawn as a child. Mama got all the attention, especially when she grew her huge breasts. No matter how Becky acted, Mama’s chest and charms always won out.

This jealousy never left her, and when she saw her husband watching Mama Luv on the Mixed Wrestling League, she attacked her husband in a frenzy. She was committed to s mental house, where she became even more obsessed with Mama Luv and her violence remained, but grew controlled. When she was released, this rivalry reached the league and they recruited her, looking for the gimmick. The league moniters her, but encourages most of her lunatic behavior as a draw for the crowds.

Becky is especially cruel and violent, known for taking extreme measures to hurt her opponent. She’s also quite talented in aerial maneuvers, quite agile and flexible while not lacking in strength.

Fav Moves:

Malpractice: a modified bow and arrow hold. She holds her enemy’s hair/chin and feet, then stretches them out. She will then try to lift them over her body and shove her feet into their back.

Heartless Loveletter: begins to entice her enemy with loving attention to their genitalia, only surprise them with claws and bites when they are at their climax

Psycho Spiral: an acrobatic leap off a ring post, spinning in midair to lock her legs on her enemy’s head and swing them to the ground

Homewrecker: after knocking down or stunning her opponent, she’ll grab onto their genitals and flip over their head, swinging them painfully along with her.

Skitzo Split: grabs her enemy’s legs, stretching them apart until they are spread eagle or close to it. She then carefully raises the enemy over her head, leaving them spread out just above her head before throwing them down to the floor.

She was topless wearing Blue Jeans with some Chains wrapped around her fist

next Came

Latoya “Ink” Marigold
Under 20
Bad girl
(extremely short buzz cut) brown hair w/ blonde streaks
icy blue eyes
C cups
skinny but lean with some muscle

Tattoos: A large tattoo covering her back that reads "Make You My Bitch"
A smaller tattoo across her breasts "Eat Me"
A large tattoo of a snake coiled around her right eye
Other variously sized tats here and there
Nose stud and doubly pierced ears

Attire: Latoya likes to wear whatever exposes most of her body, showing off her tattoos with pride

“Ink” as she was quickly called in her younger days, was raised in Mexico in her early teens. It was then that she mingled with gangs regularly, always seeming to find and enjoy the company of troublemakers. Her parents moved to America in hopes of it giving her more opportunity and change her ways, but Ink was in love with her lifestyle. She adored and adores the freedom of her ways, and the thrill that came with it that got her off. Latoya lives in the now, never thinking ahead (hence her multiple arrests) and tendencies towards violence.

Ink is thrill seeker and a punk, known to sometimes ignore or not even speak with some people if she doesn’t feel like they deserve it. Ink takes what she wants whenever she wants it, damn the consequences. While she is apathetic towards others in general, she has incredible energy and ferocity beneath her, making her fight and act like a true wild woman when she‘s caught up in a fight enough. Ink is fast, acrobatic and tough, though not overly strong for her skinny build. She’s a talented street fighter, and she’s especially good at hardcore notions like weapon fighting and risky maneuvers. She truly wants to live an unlimited lifestyle, where she can do whatever she pleases, answer to no one, and let everyone in her way suffer for the crime.

Needle‘s Eye: a full frontal flip off the top rope where she lands a soaring knee drop onto her foe’s tits

Muff Mauler: Latoya spreads their legs, bites into their pussy lips, and pulls back as far as she can lean. Incredibly painful.

Prison Date: throw her opponent into the ropes so that they’re stuck balanced on it (usually the middle rope) and holds them there so she can rapidly fist them

Snake Eyes: named for her eye’s tattoo that her opponent sees flying at them. She secures them in a bear hug or just grabs tightly onto their arms or legs so that she’s face to face with them. She then dishes out all the head butts she can manage, just about always more then the opponent can take.

She was wearing Leather Pants and Topless with some sweat dripping down her chest. She had two baseball bats, one with barb wire on it. She was wearing a 12 inch strapon

Kathy “Nightmare” Graves
Bad girl
White (very pale)
5’ 10”
Long black hair, piercing ice blue eyes
D cups
Slim figure, but a shapely ass and chest
Nipples and ear pierced

A gothic figure with pierced nipples and chalky-white skin. What appears to be a mere goth vampire wannabe is a terrible mistake about her true nature. Kathy has an actual condition (clinical vampirism, or Renfield syndrome) that makes her crave the taste of blood, acting much like a true vampire. She finds its taste invigorating and erotic, making her long to crush and taste her opponents in every way. Care is taken to see that she’s not any genuine danger to the other wrestlers, but she often ends her victories (or even cuts into a match) with a taste of their blood on top of their other fluids.
She’s blatantly sadistic, and a vicious and violent fighter as well as reasonably capable at wrestling. She loves to fight, and even ambush backstage as she barely differentiates between the two.

Realm of Ruin: kicks the legs out from beneath her opponent, grabbing their legs and kneeing them rapidly in the groin.

Hangman Noose: leaps off the ropes and performs a hanging head scissors, keeping them standing or on their knees. She grabs their hair and pulls them down farther into it.

Succubus Fang: grabbing her enemy in a boston crab and also secures their same arm, arching them into a C. Rather than pain, her main interest is to land her face near the opponent's crotch to bite or lick as she pleases. Loves to torment her prey in this hold in fear of what she'll do

She was dress in her Gothic Outfit, some blood was dripping from her mouth. She had some Canning Sticks and whips strap to her

Scott the Annoucer The spoke "3 of the most dangerous women in the ring"

"But who the audience Vote For the 4th



          Boogy Woman


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