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The next Week the crowd was Jazz for Ann The Goth Queen as the new manager

The music was blaring

"We have ann the Classic Rebel as Manager. Lets see how things will be with her charge" Scot Said

Debbie then said "Certaintly will be a night to remember

Suddnely the lights went out and everything went black

Dark Omnious Music Played

Ann Face appeared.

"Hello Ladies and Gents" She Said "Look like I am manage just in time for Hollows Eve and it going to be Rock....and HARDCORE. Just in time for HALLOWS EVE PAY PER VIEW THIS WEEKND...Which I GOT SOME WILD thing plan for it. But tell you that soon. But it about tonight"

The Camera Zoomed with her in a dungeon covered in cum stroking a strapon. The dugenous look like a classroom with some teacher chain to the walls.

"Dont worry...all consenting Adults...unlike some people dont need to capture my lover...unless..they LIKE it" Ann Said "Now A lot of people will tell you how THEIR VISION of thing should be how...THEY want there way to be. There own little personal vedettas. But i dont care about that. I care about what the PEOPLE want, And I dont give a shit if the crowd wants it or not. Because I use to sit in that audience every night. I am a Fan. I know what The Fans want

The crowd cheered

"They dont want the same rivaries they want excitment...And I just the crazy bitch to give it to them. Sense I dont give a shit about what people think of me accept for one thing...that I give the BEST FUCKING SHOW EVER...that I make thier cocks hard...and pussies wet. If that mean by hating or me or loving me they will remember my fucking na,e"

So walked around

"So TONIGHT...the fans get their Say. First match. SEX MATCH. Between two people of fan a falls count anywhere match...make your oppoden cum 3 times and they win. Winner get to be NUMBER 1 CONTENDER for the Sex match belt"

The crowd Cheered

"And Sense it HALLOWS FUCKING EVE..WHERE GOING TO HAVE THE SCARIEST BITCHES in the leauge. NIGHTMARE...INK...BECKY LUV...AND Lady of thier choice in a HARDCORE MATCH ELIMNATION MATCH. And in guess any of those bad girls want to team up on a bitch. Their a prize only the winner can get. Number one Contender for the HARDCORE BELT..that currently around this bitches waist" She Said "And who ever going to fight me going to fight me in Alcatraz the abadon Jail at this coming pay per view Hallows Eve Bash"

The crowd were going wild

"And the FINAL MATCH of tonight is something to make sure the champions dont get a rest. EVERYONE who holding a belt..tag mixed..or otherwise..inlcuding me going to be in MATCH AGAINST EACH OTHER. You Fans can pick

Hardcore Elimation
Sex Match Elimation
Cage Match
Casket Match Elimation

ONLY 1 PERSON CAN Tag teams end up fighting each other. Winner gets a cover of the next Video Game that comes out, which you know brings a lot of cash and prestige. and may seem like Dork shit..but these bitches in the back know how much PR that gets you. PR gets you your choice of matches...dont let those bitches act like they dont care. Also Zoe will give them Two briefcase full of fun money for her strip club"

She dropped the microphone and and the lights cut back on as the lights turn out


what happens Next?

          4 way Hardcore Battle

          Sex Match

          There's some trouble backstage


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