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Slutty Teacher | majus | 28


Mrs Veona breathed heavily while lying on desk. She was to exhausted to move, or even think. Trey move around desk and started browse through bag contents. As he was doing that Mrs Veona unconsciously moved her head to his crutch and started licking his member. Trey looked at her surprised. He was reading a sign attached to collar a moment before.

“I see that the lessons you taught apply to you as well.” He grabbed cuffs from bag and cuffed her hands behind her back. She was to weak to resist... even if she wanted. “Or should I say,” he grabbed her hair and forced his member down her throat. “That they work especially on sluts like you!” He started thrusting into her throat. “I asked about serious advice, not how turn my potential girlfriend into slut!” Trey said with furry. Mrs Veona could only grunt as he violated her mouth. He finally came into her mouth and forced her to swallow everything. Then he forced her to lick his cock clean.

“I just know how to thank you for 'that' lesson slut.”

When she was finished cleaning him he attached collar with sign 'cum-dump' to teachers neck then he attached leash to it. He put a ball-gag into her mouth. He took bag with her toys. Without saying a word he grabbed her leash and lead his teacher, clad only in stockings and high-heels, through school. Mrs Veona was to tired to protest. She knew not what this angry boy would do with her... and that scared her... and excited her.

After some time they reached their destination.


Where are they? What does Trey have in mind for Mrs Veona?

          Men's toilet.


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