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Slutty Teacher | majus | 27


Mrs Veona looked at young student.

'He is spineless, coward virgin. I spent time with other type of students, he isn't my type... but this would be new. To take my students virginity... And a chance to change something so weak into a beast... to create a monster.'

She looked at him

'Well either he becomes a someone who can satisfy me or he will become my plaything. Now, will you bend or break...' She smiled evilly.

“Very well I will help you. Do you live with your parents?” She asked.

“No. I live alone, will you really help me?” he asked enthusiastically.

Teacher moved to her desk. Then put a bag on her desk.

“Yes, but it will take entire night. So you won't be going home.” He hesitated but nodded. “Good, look into bag.” She went to door and closed it while Trey looked into bag.

He gasped scared. Inside were dildos, cuffs whips, sex toys and bondage equipment. Miss Veona grabbed him from behind.

“Now, now. Don't be afraid. This tools might help you, but that is for later.” Teacher bitten boy's earlobe. He tried to escape but she held him firmly. “Now, girls like strong males, that can take care of them, so display of force should be in place.” She pushed Trey on chair. “First I will need to build up your courage.” She kneels before him and unzip his pants.

“Te,Teacher, wha...” He shuttered.

“Be quiet!” He became silent “Good, now relax and concentrate on feeling.” She took his dick into her mouth and started sucking. It surprised her but it was rather big. There was hope for boy left. After a minute he started moaning and came. That put teacher off, but she still swallowed his load.

“Trey!” He tensed. “It is necessary for you to last as long as possible! That is one of traits of strong male!” He nodded “Now look at me.”

She started licking his balls and saying when her mouth was free.

“When you... have... female giving... you a... blow-job and look... at her... from up... you assert your... authority... over her... Become stronger... then... you really... are in her... eyes... thus more desired... To amplify effect... grab her hair... and lead... her... thus showing... that you are... in control...”

Trey was panting heavily, but couldn't avert his eyes from teacher.

“Now... let's practice it... grab my hair...”

Trey gently, like he was scared lay his hand on teachers head. She looked at him sharply. “Wrong!” He flinched. “Do it strongly! Not like a sissy! Be aggressive!”

“B-b-b-bu...” he shuttered.

“No buts!”

He hesitated for a moment, then grabbed teachers hair yanked her head to his crotch. She immediately put his member into her mouth and looked at him. He started moving his hand forcing her head into pumping motion. His eyes never left hers, he was drawn into them. When he came, he noticed that she swallowed his cum.


“Let it be another lesson. If a girl, swallows your cum, that means that you have some control over her. And you mean something to her.”


“Yes. Otherwise she would have spit your semen... or what's worse, bitten off your member.” Trey paled at that statement.

“Now let's learn something of woman's body. To put her into state of excitement you have to target woman's erogenous zones. Zones like neck, earlobes, lips, breasts, nipples and pussy. There are others but you will have to study on your own. Now” she removed her suit showing her bare massive cleavage “touch them.” Trey slowly put his hand on her breast “feel them, massage them” he complied. She flushed “You see? My breathing became faster, my cheeks flushed, my nipples became hard. That shows that you are doing good job. Now pinch my nipples.” Student complied making his teacher moan. “Good now slap my breast, then start massaging it again.” He hesitated, until he received her glare. He slapped her breast. She hissed, then moaned. “Good... By mixing pleasure and pain you can get wonderful reactions from woman. After a time... if you add some humiliation you could achieve great results...”


Mrs Veona taken step back out of reach of boys hands.

“That's advanced stuff.” She unbuttoned her skirt and let it slide down her knees. She stud before her student in only high-heels, black stockings and garter-belt.

“See the fluid dripping down my tights? That's a sign that you done a good job. Now come here.” She leaned on desk. Trey came to her. “Kneel.” When he complied she brought his head to her pussy. “Start licking and look into my eyes.”She sucked air when he started working “Can you fell the difference when roles are reversed?” He nodded. She removed his head from her crotch “Now, this is clit. A very sensitive part of woman. If you start massaging it...” Trey put her clit between his fingers. She flung, sucked air and grabbed desk while trying to support her body. “Yes... that's it. Now inside my pussy is very sensitive spot called g-spot try to find it.”

It took him some time. But after bring his teacher three times to orgasm he finally found it.

“Good...” Mrs Veona breathed heavily.

“Now, let's see if you can satisfy woman with that cook of yours.” She sat on desk. Trey without hesitation entered her and started moving. It took him some time and Mrs. Veona helped him giving few tips but finally after hour student was able to outlast teacher.

Mrs. Veona breathed heavily. She was tired. The boy was more then he appeared to be. She was satisfied. But, there was one last lesson. After a short break, she put her hands on desk and pushed her ass high.

“Now... time for... last... lesson... To make woman... completely yours... you need... to own... not only her... pussy and mouth... but her... ass... as well... Now...”

Before she could continue Trey already started entering her. She gasped, but gritted her teeth and waited until he finished. Before she could even think of giving any advice he started moving.

'God, his is natural.'

“Now...” She finally manage to grasp enough breath to speak “spank my... ass... Aiii” Trey immediately complied. “How... is... that... You... felt... how my... ass... clamped on... your shaft... The same... you can... achieve... when... pounding... a pussy... Aiii!” He spanked her again. This time he continued to spank her not giving her chance to catch a breath. She came five times, and had number of small orgasms, before he finally came. When he did she fell exhausted on her desk.


Is it over? Or does Trey want to go on?

          Hunter becomes prey.


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