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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 11


"Those big American beauties are hard to resist, aren't they?" asked Anita rhetorically, looking down at the lush globes of Cathy Martin's breasts as they wobbled like gelatin before they settled onto the blonde's ribcage after she came to rest on her back in the small bathroom.

The red-haired twins nodded in unison, knowing full well the taste and feel of the exchange student's upturned titties. After all, it was their suck marks that decorated the otherwise unblemished titflesh of the American student. They watched as the East Indian beauty leaned down to tentatively lick at the wide pink bases of Cathy's nipples. Sam and Eric could see the pink stubs of the half-comatose American's nipples responding to the feathery touch of Anita's tongue.

Seeing Anita curl herself up beside the busty blonde, Sam took Erica by the hand and motioned for her to follow towards the curtained clawfoot tub.

"Anita looks like she'll be busy for awhile," Samantha informed her twin, as she gestured to the light brown-skinned eighteen-year-old nursing at the teat of the sleeping American. The more dominant of the pair leaned behind the shower curtain and adjusted the cold water already running in preparation for Cathy's waking to a more steamy temperature for their bathing. Samantha held the curtain aside to allow her sister to step in before her.

"Mmm.. that feels great!" Erica purred to her sister as she took her turn under the shower nozzle's spray. Hot water cascaded over the luxuriant curves of the cute redhead as her sister lathered her titian mane with shampoo from behind. Erica then felt her sister's soapy hands caress her perky tits before the stroking digits headed further south.

"And that feels even better!" cooed Eric when she felt her sister probe inside her smooth labia. After coming on her sister's practiced fingers, Erica felt it was time to return the favour. She turned to face her mirror image of a sister and eyed her suggestively as she lathered a flannel and rubbed it across her outthrust boobs and flat belly. Then she stepped forward and wrapped her hands around her sister's neck.

Their hair slicked back along their heads, the twins shared a passionate kiss before Erica proceeded to grind her voluptuous curves against her sister's own. As she did, her sister was soaped up as well, and they continued the procedure for their backs, bums, and legs. Erica put a soapy thigh against her sis' bald pussy and ground it against her as she pushed Sam against the wall behind the shower curtain, making the teen moan in joy as she orgasmed against her leg. Erica could feel it as well, and leaned into her sister as she came with her.

Regaining her footing, Samantha wanted to return the favor in spades. She lifted the nylon braid off the high pipe of the shower attachment. Unhooking the soap on the rope, she grabbed the phallus-shaped soapbar and hefted it in her hand.

As Anita tried to suckle as much of Cathy Martin's delectably soft flesh into her mouth as possible, she noticed the splashing of water inside the closed curtains of the white porcelain tub and the absence of her playmates. She realized she had the chesty American all to herself, her centrefold body available to her every whim. As the East Indian looked at the pretty American smile in her half-comatose state, she wondered what the girl could feel this way.

Anita felt a little evil for what she was thinking, but she didn't know if she would ever have another chance to find out. The beguiling raven-haired coed lifted her head, hearing giggles from behind the translucent curtains.

'They won't be looking for me anytime soon!' Anita mused, and turned back to the prone form of Cathy Martin, who seemed to giggle in tandem with the twins.


What transpires in the bathroom?

          Anita gets to "know" Cathy.

          Anita (and the twins) get hot and heavy.


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