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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 14


*Editor's Note: This thread was originally posted by Chyoo User, One_Slayer.*

You pull your dick out of Phoebe's mouth and tell her to open her mouth. She does so and waits. You start jacking off wildly, but not for long. You feel your balls tighten and you aim right at the middle of her face as the first stream of hot, gooey cum shoots out of the head of your dick. It lands squarely on her left cheek, just above her mouth, and extends in both directions, up to her eyes and into her mouth and onto her tongue. You aim the second shot to hit her on the other side of her face, which it does, just off to the side of her mouth. You keep jerking, and aim the third, fourth and fifth squirts right onto her large tits. It covers them nicely, but you know there is still more to come, and move your cock right to the opening of her mouth. You feel and watch as more shots shoot out, both into her open mouth and all around it. "Don't swallow yet" you manage to say through the massive shudders of orgasmic delight. You pull your dick away slightly as a couple more shots spray onto her face, and then you watch the final drips fall onto her tits. You look at her as she has your cum in her mouth, just sitting there on her tongue, showing it to you. "Okay," you say. She greedily swallows it and you press your dick to her lips. She opens them and lightly starts sucking your cock again, trying to milk every last drop of cum you've got. She holds it and licks it all over it until it starts to go limp in her mouth.

You watch as she wipes your cum from her eyes with her fingers then sucks them clean. Just as she is about the start cleaning the rest of it off, you both hear a voice from above.

"Please, I beg you. Let me clean you up." says from her hiding place above you. She has opened the door right up and is looking at you, totally naked except for her shoes and socks.

You start to freak out, not sure of what Phoebe will do. You look at her quickly to see how she is responding. Phoebe is looking up at you as you watch a smile slowly come across her cum soaked face, and you can practically see a naughty thought forming in her head.....


What happens next?


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