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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 13


*Editor's Note: This thread was originally posted by Chyoo User, One_Slayer.*

Instead of shoving it back into her mouth, you tell Phoebe to lay on her back. She does so and you straddle her chest. You place her enormous tits on either side of your dick. You grab one in each hand and squeeze them together. As you do, you spit into her cleavage to lubricate it. "Hold them around my cock" you tell her and she does. You spread the spit around her cleavage, then begin to slide your dick between her two tits. It feels incredible as you feel the two soft pillows envelope your member, and you start to tit fuck her. You start slowly, but soon gain pace and strength. You grab her head and pull it up so the head of your dick is heading straight for her mouth. As it reaches it, she opens her lips, and sucks at the head of your dick before you pull it away again. You keep fucking her tits, slamming the head of your dick into her mouth as she sucks it briefly before you take it off her.

You know what she wants so you stop fucking her tits and move around to the side of her, right up near her head. She gets onto her elbows and you grab her head and thrust your cock into her mouth. You do it a little harder than intended, and shove your entire cock inside her mouth. You can actually feel the back of her throat press against your dick. You feel her chin pressed against your balls. You expect her to gag on it, but she doesn't. She deep throats it perfectly. You keep facefucking her, every two or three thrusts, shoving it right down into her throat. You’re thusting into her mouth hard and fast, like it was her pussy, but this feels better than any pussy ever could. You release her head and she takes over again, quickly swallowing your cock, moving up and down your shaft quickly and deeply. She's moaning and groaning loudly on your dick, and you look down at her pussy to see more juice begin pushed out of it, and realize she is cumming just from sucking you off. She is sucking you harder and faster and you know you’re gonna cum soon. Also, the way she keeps moaning, it vibrates your cock and makes it feel all that much better.

"I'm gonna cum!" you exclaim through your moans and groans. This just seems to spur her on with even more intensity and you feel it approaching.


Where do you cum?

          In Her Face.

          Down the hatch


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