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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 12


*Editor's Note: This thread was originally posted by Chyoo User, One_Slayer.*

"If you want to help me, you can. Just let me know what to do." Phoebe says as she lowers herself to her knees. You look up at where is hiding and see that she has opened the door further. You can see more of her now. She has her breasts out and her skirt pulled up. You see her hand pumping furiously at her snatch as she looks down and smiles at you. It seems the situation has really gotten to her. All thoughts of animosity towards Phoebe seem to have temporarily disappeared from her mind.

You bring your attention back to the girl on her knees. You begin to instruct her on the fine art of blow jobs. "Okay, first, start to kiss it. Up and down the shaft, the very tip. Good. Now lick it with the tip of your tongue. Trace you tongue along the underside down to my balls. Then lick and suck lightly at my balls before tracing back up and flicking the head of my cock with your tongue."

Phoebe follows your instructions, licking lightly up and down your shaft, then in circles around the head of your dick. You feel her tongue run down the vein on the underside of your dick as she lifts it right up against your belly. Her tongue reaches your balls and you feel the warmth of her mouth envelope a small section and suck lightly. You let out a small groan. This encourages her and she takes an entire testicle into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, sucking it just right.

Her hand grabs the base of your penis and she licks up the side of the shaft and begins to flick the very tip of your cock with the tip of her tongue. She feels like a pro. "Now, slowly take the head in your mouth, suck it just once, no teeth and then slide it out of your lips," you instruct her. She obeys, and you feel her lips part over the tip of your dick, then she sucks the head, hard enough to make you shake, and then lets her lips slide up over the head and your dick leaves her mouth again. She flicks her tongue over the head of your dick again, quickly and a little harder this time. "Oohhh, yeah, that's good...." you breathe out. She repeats the process of sucking the head of your penis and then resumes kissing and licking your entire cock. All of this attention has caused it to grow even more.

"This time, when you suck the head, don't take it all the way out, go back down and suck the head. Do this 6 or 7 times, then, take as much as you can into your mouth just once, then remove it and start licking me again. Then, do it all again, but instead of removing, repeat sucking the head a few more times, then as much as you can a couple of times. Do it all slowly." You hope you’re not being to bossy, because the last thing you want is for her to stop.

She ends your fears though by following your instruction perfectly. She takes the head into her mouth and sucks it hard, a slight bobbing motion of her head as she moves up and down the head. Suddenly you feel the warmth of her wet mouth surround almost your entire cock. She slowly raises her head, massaging your dick with her tongue and sucking at it, then she almost lets it out of her mouth, she slowly moves back down, swallowing almost all of your cock again, then slowly removes it. She looks up at you and starts to jerk you slowly.

"Keep sucking it more and go a little faster this time." She leans and starts to match the rhythm of her hand and you place one hand on her head, just resting it there. You lean your head back and look once more at . She sees you staring at her fingering herself still, then she takes her fingers out, sucks them, then slowly pushes a finger inside her ass hole, staring right back at you. "Oh Shit!" you exclaim. Phoebe takes this a sign and begins to go a little faster. This is the most perfect blow-job you’ve ever known. Every now and then she stops sucking, both to catch her breath and to lick the tip of your dick, or lick your balls.

You can feel the excitement growing inside you and you place the other hand on her head as well. Now though, you start to control her head, speeding her up, pushing her further down your rod. You tell her to stop using her hand and she removes it. You notice that she places it between her legs and starts to play with herself. You hold her head firmly and start to thrust your cock instead of moving her head. You start gently, then go a little faster and a little harder. She starts to moan, you assume from playing with her pussy. None-the-less, you continue to face fuck her. A little harder and faster again. She keeps moaning, and you look down and see that she is no longer playing with herself, but is getting off on being face fucked. "You like me fucking your face?" you ask her. You hear a muffled "uh huh," from her as you keep face fucking her. You pull her head back and pull your dick out of her mouth. She looks at you, panting, looking into your eyes longingly for more. "What are you?" you ask her. "Tell me what you are."

"I'm a dirty, horny, cum slut. I want your cum so bad. I love the way your cock tastes. I want to feel your balls slamming my chin as you shove that whole thing right down my throat!"


Do you give her what she wants?

          Titty-fuck her first

          Fuck her begging mouth


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