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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 11


*Editor's Note: This thread was originally posted by Chyoo User, One_Slayer.*

'I guess I'll just keep going then' you think to yourself, determined to make Phoebe cum. You start to rub the opening of her vagina with the fingers of your right hand, still licking at her clit, tracing across it, then sucking it, then licking it in an up and down motion, then circles, then more sucking. You push two fingers inside her and hear her let out a gasp. You look up and see her mouth is open, and her eyes are wide, staring straight at you.

"Please keep going," she pleads to you, placing her other hand on your other shoulder, obviously she is approaching a huge orgasm. You pump your fingers in and out of her pussy, faster and harder, and feel her juices starting to run down your fingers and your hand. You keep licking, faster and with more pressure. You can hear her above you, gasping, moaning, groaning, louder and louder, faster and faster. Her breathing is becoming shallow.

You feel the build up in her pussy around your hand and then a violent spasm. Her whole body jerks and you feel liquid flowing down your hand and your arm. You look and see her juices flowing from her pussy, over your arm and down the side of her leg. You lean in and lick the inner sides of her thighs, cleaning up her juices, still slowly working your fingers inside her, making even more juices flow out of her, and causing her whole body to shake and spasm a few more times.

You stop and lean back, looking up at her. She looks at you and smiles, a small laugh escaping her mouth. "Shit, that was unbelievable!" she exclaims. "Here, let me." She reaches down and grabs the hand covered in her juices. She brings it up to her mouth and begins to lick your hand, sucking your fingers and the part of your wrist and arm that has some juices on it. You stand up as she finishes making it totally clean.

"Your turn then..." she says, smiling cheekily.


How does she return the favour?

          She gets on her knees in front of you.


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