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A Boy at a Girls School | switch76 | 9


*Editor's Note: This thread was originally posted by Chyoo User, One_Slayer.*

You realize then that the idea of fucking Phoebe while watches from her hiding position, really excites you. You also realize that you can't let Phoebe back out, otherwise it will just be a crap ending to an even crappier day. "Have you ever had anything inside you before?" you ask.

"Well, yeah. I have a vibrator, but it's not quite as big as you are. It's long enough, but you're thicker," Phoebe responds, still barely able to look you in the eyes.

You look at her large, round, milky white tits and see that her nipples are rock hard and poking out as far as they possibly can. "I promise to not hurt you too much," you whisper in her ear as you lean down and lightly start to lick her left nipple. "Ohhh, oh god...." Phoebe moans. You feel her hands grab the back of your head and lightly press your face into her huge tits. 'Wow, this is good' you think to yourself.

You reach up with your left hand and begin to rub her other breast and play with the nipple. With the other hand you reach down and place it on her thigh, just below her skirt. You run your hand up the side of her thigh, under her skirt and feel her left ass cheek in your hand. She is either wearing no panties, or a G-string. To find out which you run your hand up higher and feel the thin strap that attempts to pass as a waistband and know she is wearing a G. You can hear her moaning as you play with and lick and suck her tits, and fondle and squeeze her ass cheeks.

You straighten up and kiss her mouth, pressing your tongue inside her mouth and begin to massage her tongue with yours. Her warm mouth is more than happy to accept, and you wish it was your dick and not your tongue in her mouth. "Have you ever blown a guy before?" you ask her.

"Not really, no. I've watched it done in pornos heaps of times, and I've practiced on my vibrator after a good session, but never an actual guys dick." She reaches one hand down and lightly runs her finger over the top side of your shaft. Your dick jerks slightly in response to the touch and she pulls her hand away.

"Don't stop!" you say. "It felt real good." She puts her hand back and resumes her previous motion, tracing her fingers up, down and across your long shaft. Every now and then she lets her finger rub lightly over the tip of your dick, sending you wild with lots of sensations. "If you've never seen one like this before in real life, why don't you get a closer look," you offer.

"Well, okay." she says, sounding a little shy.

You look around the room for someplace more comfortable. You notice that there is a couch, a thick rug and a big chair in the room.


Where do you move to?

          The Couch.


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