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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 6


I felt a body move next to mine, sliding over the seat and then a hand grab my cock. It started stroking me quickly and the breathing was heavy. Something wasn't sitting right here...something was off.

My eyes flew open. It wasn't Aimee jerking me off, it was Mom, and she was wearing the biggest shit-eating grin I'd ever seen her wear.

"Caught you and your sister fucking," she said in a sing-song voice. It was creepy and erotic at the same time. She purred a little as she started jerking faster.

"Mom it's..."

"...not the first time, you dirty bastard!" she said and then stopped, slipping out the side door.

"We'll talk about this later!" she said and bent over quick. With catlike reflexes, she stepped forward and flung something at me, I recognized before it hit me that it was her panties.

They were soaked.


What next?


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