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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 153


Jack broke the hold and knocked Monica Down

"You dont scare me. Not a kid anymore" Jack Said

"Well Well Little Squirt actully trying to fight back" Monica Said tearing off her shirt "Going to have to Spank you"

"SPANK THIS" Jack Said kicking Monica back

Harold Broke the hold of Tanya and tackled her sending punches to her

"You scared little bitch...think you can fight me" Monica Said

"You little bitch..think you can attack me"Tanya Said Holding Harold Down smothering him with her breast "Going to use you as a hand pupppet"

Jack kicked her off, Monica was coming behind Jack and Harold attacked her. The other girls jumped

"Where outnumber" Jack Said

"Remember when you accidently walked in on me and your mom having sex, on that wrestling mat and we said we were just wrestling"

"I tried to black that out but yes"

"Well wasn't a total lie..we were sex wrestling..remember that move I did"



what now?

          They take shields


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