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7th Heaven Fun | asmguy58 | 3


Lucy finally gave in to whatever desires were keeping her here, and began to watch her sister again. Mary was still standing still letting the vibrator pulse against her cunt. Mary slowly went and sat on the bed behind her, and spread her thighs apart. Her free hand moved gracefully up her inner thighs to the thin material covering her pussy and began to tug the it away making a path for her vibrator.
Lucy felt her knees give away as her shoulder banged into the door throwing it wide open. Lucy brought her head up in time to see Mary jump to her feet and try to cover her self as she looked for somewhere to put her toy. “Lucy!“ Lucy tried her best to compose herself, though her face was still obviously flushed. “What are you doing in here, Loos?” was the next thing Mary was able to stammer out, as she tried to find where she dropped her jeans.
It was Lucy’s turn to stammer, “I-I was just, uh… was coming to see if you were up here.” Mary found her jeans and slowly picked them up off the floor, “Were you watching me?” She said almost nervously. Lucy looked at the ground, “Um…yeah.” Mary’s face reddened and she looked into her sister’s face. “Why were you watching me?”
“I don‘t know what‘s wrong with me but lately I‘ve just felt like I‘m missing something, and I‘ve just felt so alone lately. Then I saw you in here and I just…I dunno.” Mary looked at her pants for a moment then at her sister, seeing a hint of despair in her eyes she got an idea. She let her pants fall back to the floor and moved in front of her sister.
“Hey It’s ok Lucy, I’m not mad I promise. It makes me feel kinda good that you wanted to see me like that.” Lucy jumped when she felt Mary’s hand on her side. “It’s ok, Loos,” Mary took her younger sister’s hand and placed it on her thigh just below her ass cheek, and kissed her on the lips. Lucy tried to resist, but gave in and fell into her desires letting her sister guide her hand along her smooth soft skin up along her ass.
Mary kissed Lucy again opening her mouth slightly to moisten her sister’s smooth lips, and dip her tongue gently into her mouth. Mary wrapped her arms around her sister and Lucy continued to run her finger tips along her sister’s skin using her other hand to pull her body closer. The two sister’s held each other gently, letting their tongues explore each other’s mouths


What happens next?



          mORE FUN



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