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Slave Girl Sarah | majus | 2


A middle-aged woman came in. She was a curvy brunette, with beautiful face. She has big breasts, D-cups I think. Her straight hair reached her ass. She wore elegant dress, high-heels, stockings. A beautiful MILF.

She emanated indifference.

“So slave awakened, eh.” She said.

I moaned. I was little frightened, still not believing that Todd actually sold me. But more than anything I was horny.

“Yes. I was just telling her about her new owner.” Todd thrust fingers deeper, making me moan again.

“I see.” She came closer. Todd stepped back making room for her. I whimpered as he removed his fingers. She put fingers on my pussy and started massaging it, at the same time she grabbed my breast. I moaned.

“You have no permission to cum.” She ordered me. For next fifteen minutes she continued to massage me, changing speed, erogenous zones, pressure. I moaned, whimpered, threw myself in my chains... but I didn't cum.

She finally stopped. She removed her fingers from my pussy, they were coated with my juices. She looked at them. “A slut,” I shivered “but a disciplined one. You trained her well.”

“Thank you.” Todd answered. Was he with me from beginning to train and sell me? Was he entire time playing with me, laughing at this mere thought of this moment? Is he a slaver? Am I his first victim? My pussy squirmed at this thoughts.

Woman looked at me calculatingly.

“I am baroness Ursula Vera Inga of House Langdon. Your new owner. From now on you will serve my House. Is that clear?”

I nodded.

“Good. Now I will free your hands, I will give you cuffs with which I want you to cuff yourself behind your back.”

I nodded. Todd released my hands. That was moment in which I could struggle, fight. I didn't thought about that. I taken cuffs from baroness and immediately cuffed my hands behind my back. She smiled. She removed purse from her bag and given Todd money.

“12 000 $ as per our agreement Mr. Todd.”

“Doing business with you is pleasure baroness.” Todd smiled. He grabbed my clit and massaged it. I groaned and started moaning. He squeezed it making me scream and cum. Then he put fingers into my pussy as I breathed heavily in afterglow, making me horny again. “Damn, I will miss that. Pity. I will have to find myself another count. So long slave.” He removed finger from my pussy leaving me horny. I jumped as he slapped my ass. Then he left.

Baroness freed my legs, then attached chain leash to chain connecting my nipple rings.

“Come.” I shrieked as she pulled leash.

I immediately got up and followed her obediently.


What does baroness have in mind for me?


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