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Slutty Teacher | majus | 21


Alyssa felt her blindfold being removed. She blinked a few times.

She was standing on the rooftop of the school in a dim moonlight. She was pushed against the fence. As someone held her against it she felt cold steel of fence digging into her breast. The person that held her grabbed under her knee and lifted her leg.

“Ready for a fuck teach?”

Alyssa shivered. 'Roy' she thought.

She felt his member enter her. She moaned and its youthful hardness stretched her again.

There was no foreplay. Roy entered her roughly and pounded her not concerning himself with her pleasure. She clawed at the fence as her breasts cushioned her intense violation. Her half sobs of guilt and pleasure rose over the slaps of his balls and long rod slapping her insides. Alyssa came a few times. When he came his cum fired deep inside her belly, she came with him. He grabbed her chin and lifted it so her mouth was directly under his. He forcefully kissed her making her moan and shiver. He removed her cuffs.

Then he backed away, letting her fall to the ground.

“The night is still young teach and you have quite a work before you.”

Soon other men were upon her. She felt member in her pussy, moment later in her ass making her gasp. As she opened mouth another member slid into her mouth. They were rough. As one came, another immediately took his place.

After few hours she was lying on rooftop covered in sperm, unable to move. Someone crouched next to her.

“That was good teach. Maybe we will repeat sometime. When we decide we will let you know.”

He threw remnants of her suit at her.

“Do clean up this mess.”


What happens next?

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