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Slutty Teacher | majus | 20


Alyssa's body was shaking. She was horny. During her 'service' she came a few times, but not enough to satisfy her. On the contrary, it only risen her need. She looked at a men surrounded her. She waited patiently. Leader grabbed her leash and pulled it forcing her from kneeling position to standing.

“Now, we will go for a walk.” He said.

Someone behind her put a blindfold on her eyes. Right after it was tied she felt her leash being pulled. She stumbled but immediately, started walking. After some time of walking, turns, twists, stairs up, stairs down, she lost orientation.

She didn't speak a word. She knew it was useless. They would ignore her or lengthen her... predicament.

Her imagination run wild.

She pictured herself:

A busty older woman, generally respected teacher, married woman, clad in high-heels, stockings, dog-collar, with her eyes blindfolded, hands cuffed behind her, big sign 'cum-dump' on her neck being lead by leash on school-grounds.

She collapsed on her knees in climax. She was breathing deeply. She felt pull of her leash. She tried to stand. Someone grabbed her nipples and forced her on her feet. Leash pulled again. She walked obediently.

From time to time she could feel a hand or hands groping her... Touching her... Slapping her... Caressing her...

After some time she felt change of temperature on her skin and movement of air. They were outside! She stopped. Moment later she felt hard slap on her ass-chick. She walked again. Even through it was cold, her body was hotter... hornier. She could feel sweat on her body. Streamlet of her droll running down her chin. Her pussy juices running down her tights, down her knees... was it to her ankles?

She wondered if they still were on school-grounds? Did someone saw her? Would this her captors let her go eventually? Would they live her in some public place, bound, blindfolded, leash attached to lantern? She wasn't liked teacher. Maybe entire school was watching her trek, laughing, doing pictures? Were this man slavers? Would she live the rest of her life as a slave or cum-dump?

What if her husband saw her now?

She muffled her groan. It didn't change that it was clearly heard. In silence of night, it was loud.

This time she didn't collapse from orgasm. She stopped and had a problem with standing still on her weak knees. Eventually when her breathing calmed, she felt another slap on her ass, and pull of leash.

She walked.

She didn't know how long they were walking. They got in building, stairs, got outside, inside, up, down. Finally, right after moving outside, she heard a voice.

“We're at our destination.”


What will happen to Mrs Veona? Were is she?

          Gang-rape by a moonlight.


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