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7th Heaven Fun | asmguy58 | 2


Making a decision Lucy walked up the stairs over the garage and stopped outside the door to the apartment cracking it to peek in. As she looked inside she saw Mary walking towards her suitcase, she started to open the door the rest of the way, but stopped.. Mary was wearing a tight black t-shirt and tight jeans and she now bent down to get something out of her suitcase on the ground. Lucy watched as her sister's ass swayed back and forth in the air trying to find what she was looking for.
Finally Mary found what she was looking for and Lucy gasped as she realized what it was. Softy Mary clicked it on and felt it vibrate in her hand. She brought up to her face and ran it softly down her cheek to just above her nose taking in the scents of her own sex. She ran it down her neck and across each one of her round breast and then brought her shirt up slightly to circle her belly button as her opposite hand began to unbutton her jeans and slowly undo the zipper.
Lucy began to feel very constricted in her black skirt as her fingers went to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse allowing some of the sudden rush of hit to go out. Her eyes locked onto her sister again as she tugged at her jeans slowly allowing each one of her long sexy legs to slide out and finally revealing a skimpy black thong.
Mary ran her toy along her thighs and slowly up between her round soft ass cheeks, then around to the small triangle covering her pussy mound. Mary closed her eyes and moaned slightly biting her lip as she finally felt the vibrations on her pussy. Lucy still stared transfixidly at her sister, watching every movement of her toy across her body. Lucy knew that she should stop looking, but for some reason she could not understand she kept watching. She knew it was wrong, for one thing it was another women, and to top it off it was her sister. Though, she still was unable to tear her eyes from the scene in front of her.


What should Lucy do?

          hER AND sHE

          Turn and leave

          Keep watching



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