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Slutty Teacher | majus | 19


Alyssa didn't have strength to fight anymore. From morning her body was in constant state of excitement, her mind was no better. So when two men behind her grabbed her arms and lifted her, she didn't resist at all.

One of the men in front her walked to her and started massaging her breast. She moaned. Few moments later he grabbed her suit and ripped it open, tearing the buttons and freeing her breast. He started massaging them.

“What enormous udders.” He said “You should work on farm, as diary cow and not as an teacher.” He started squeezing her breast, making her gasp in pain. “Och? No milk. Well, that is a waste... But don't worry” He said darkly. He squeezed her breast making her squeal. “When we're finished with you, there will be plenty of milk in this udders.” He chuckled.

Others took of her suit and ripped her skirt of. Then they started massaging her body. Dozens of hands moving on her body, moved her to her limit... and didn't allow her to cum. Her breathing ragged. Her juices dripping on floor. Her body covered with sweat.

She had enough of this foreplay!

“I...” But before she could say anything more, she felt a finger on her lips. She looked on it's owner.

“If you want to climax, then you will... but you have to work for it.” He went to one of desks and returned with cuffs and chain with snap hook... it was a chain leash! He attached leash to her collar and let it dangle. Alyssa shivered from sensation of cold steel touching between her breasts, her belly, her clit and the lips of her pussy.

“Bitches like you don't use hands, only mouths...” He raised cuffs in her direction.

Alyssa hesitated for moment and took cuffs.

In her situation, they could easily cuff her if they wanted and dominate her. Instead they given her cuffs to submit herself to them, to present herself willingly.

She slowly cuffed her left hand and was about to cuff other.

“Behind.” the man who gave her cuffs commanded.

She hesitated for moment then cuffed her hands behind her.

“Good. With that you want be able to masturbate.” He chuckled “Now, like a good bitch serve us... on your knees.”

The men surrounded her and waited. She got on her knees, crawled to the men who spoken to her, took his penis into her mouth and started pumping. With each movement of her head the chain-leash was hitting her body, exciting her. Even though she couldn't reach her pussy she did manage to finger her asshole.

One of the man chuckled “Hey, look look. The slut is trying to get of her ass!” Alyssa felt her ass-chick being smacked. She shivered and came a little. “You like that don't you?”

It didn't take long for man to cum into her mouth. She swallowed and leaked his dick clean. When she was finished he spoke.

“You missed something bitch.”

She looked at him questioningly. He sighted and pointed the floor. She looked there and noticed few drops of his sperm. Did he just ordered her to lick it from floor?

Seeing teachers hesitation man pushed her on floor.


She hesitated, but done as he ordered. The floor was cold. When she finished she moved to next man in line. She serviced them for more then a hour. When she heard, who she thought was leader, speak.

“Alright, that will be enough of that for now.”

Alyssa sighted in relief, she didn't thought her stomach could accommodate any more semen.


What do they plan to do next?

          A walk.


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