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Slutty Teacher | majus | 18


After much internal debate, Alyssa decided to follow Roy's script. Not that she had much choice. Her husband phoned her right after she returned home, he told her that he left for a business trip for a whole week!

She went to bathroom, took a shower and masturbated to climax... three times, before changing clothes to fresh ones.

They didn't stay fresh for long, as she immediately got excited again and started smelling of sex.

She took her bag and driven to school.

When she came she took the keys from janitor, who went home for a day, closed building and made rounds with flashlight around school. When she made sure that school was empty, she went to open back door, leaving key in hole. As her instructions said.

Alyssa went back to her office and took the box she received earlier. She opened it ant took the collar. She hesitated for few seconds, then put collar on her neck and fastened it. When she did her body shook. She grabbed the desk as her legs weakened under her. She looked at floor breathing heavy and trying to understand what happened. She noticed few drops on floor under her. Then she realized. She came only from putting a collar on!

She took the sign from box. It was plastic 8 on 6 inches with snap-hook on top. Written on it was 'cum dump'. Her body shivered. She slowly brought it to her neck and snapped it. She climaxed again. Stronger this time.

After a while she calmed down enough to continue with her rounds. As she walked the sign dangled on her breast making her even more excited. The prospect of being spotted by someone while wearing that sign and dog collar excited her greatly. Her pussy juices were reaching her knees and it was becoming harder for her to walk, as whenever she made a step she tried to rub her tight to other.

When she entered her classroom she hared doors shutting behind her. Before she could turn around the lights were turned on blinding her momentarily. When she finally adjusted to change of lighting she noticed she was surrounded, she spun around only to find men behind her as well. There was about a dozen of them in total! She spun back, preparing to defend herself. But none advanced on her.

That was when she took closer look on men. They all wore balaclavas... and nothing more! Her eyes wondered below their waists and noticed hard-ons. Her body shook. Wherever she moved her head her eyes landed on next penis, regardless of her will!

Are all these going to be inside her tonight?

Her breathing became heavy, her body became weak and sweaty. Many drops formed on floor under her – her pussy juices. She dropped flashlight – she became to weak to hold it. She dropped on her knees, moment later her ass landed on floor. She managed to hold this position, while her eye were still locked on sight before her.


What happens to her?

          She services.


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