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7th Heaven Fun | asmguy58 | 1


Lucy had always been a Camden, and just lately she had become a Kinkirk. Lucy was always the good Camden kid. Mary was always the bad one, Simon the Naive one, Matt the smart one, Ruthie the sassy one, and Lucy the good sweet innocent one. Which was ok it was just lately she had been feeling like something was missing. Kevin, her husband, hadn't been fulfilling all of her desires lately and she couldn't figure our what exactly she was missing in her life.

Today was the first time in awhile that she had gotten out of her classes at the local college early, and she wanted to get home quickly. Mary was actually in town for once and their mother, Annie Camden, wanted Lucy to help her in the Kitchen making food for her sister. Lucy pulled into their driveway and noticed that Mary's car was parked in front of the house. Lucy realized that her sister must have gotten home early and looked up to her and Kevin's apartment above the garage, where Mary was supposed to be staying. Lucy saw the curtains swaying and figured Mary must already be up there. She looked back toward the house and saw her mother moving around in the Kitchen.


Where should Lucy go?

          See how Mary is doing

          bEVERLY Mitchell

          The studio



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