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Slutty Teacher | majus | 17


Alyssa's mind was in turmoil.

Roy not only checked whether she had her underwear – he tested her tits, pussy and asshole like she was a commodity! He used her mouth to relief himself, like she was a... cum-dumpster! Then her refused her orgasm! He teased her making her practically beg him to fuck her!

And he just left her, standing like a bitch in heat with her ass naked, begging him to fuck her!

She didn't know whether to be relieved by the fact that he didn't or to be pissed of by the fact that he refused her plea.

Alyssa slowly straightened herself. She untucked her skirt and slowly took breath in. She had work to do. With that in her mind she left for classroom.

During first lesson she couldn't concentrate but somehow managed it through. To her surprise her excitement didn't recede with time. During second hour she had to not only watch for lack of her underwear, but also her pussy juices slowly making their was down her thighs.

She gave up during long break.

She made her way to toilet next to her office, made sure she's alone, entered one of cabins, closed door behind her and locked it. She tucked up her skirt and unbuttoned her suit. She fondled her left tit with one hand and started massaging her pussy with other. After some time she put her foot on cabin's door to stabilize herself as she was masturbating.

She imagined Roy's actions in her office. She could still feel his hand on her breast, his fingers squeezing her nipple nipple, then penetrating her pussy and ashole.

“...Roy...” she murmured unconsciously.

Then she remembered feeling of his penis in her mouth.

She moved hand from her breast and put two fingers into her mouth and started thrusting them.

She wondered what he would make her do.

How rough he would be.

Then she remembered 'script' that he gave her and started massaging her clit more furiously.

That was when someone entered the toilet. She could hear to female students talking. She bitten into her fingers to not make any sound. It didn't help that the the interruption made her climax. She was spasming. It took all her willpower to make sure her high-heel didn't made any noise, as her leg was pushing door, while her body shook uncontrollably. All this time her second hand never stopped working on her pussy.

After some time of gossiping the students left, she hoped, without noticing her. After she regained control over her body she looked at herself and frowned. Her juices covered most of her thighs. She cleaned herself as much as possible but her tights were still moisture and smelled of her sex.

During next lesson she discovered that she still was aroused and her little expedition to toilet only temporally sedated her lust.

Only thinking about her morning interaction with Roy, all possible actions he could take and the 'script', got her immediately excited again.


What will she do now?

          Follow script.


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