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Slutty Teacher | majus | 16


Next day, 25 till class started, Alyssa was sitting in her office. She didn't really know what to do. Her husband returning late and going straight to bed didn't help. Right now, she was confused.

From one side she was doing something immoral. Even through she was getting a divorce, it still wasn't fair to her husband. Not to mention morality of an illicit relationship with her student.

On the other hand, she really had no choice. If she talked about the entire matter with the principal she would be not only fired, but probably charged for assualt of her students. Not to mention revoking of her teaching license. She wasn't sleeping on money. She needed a job for living expenses. Fortunately her husband was so rarely home that he didn't notice the mess. But her luck wouldn't last forever...

What worried her was that some deep dark side of her enjoyed this hedonistic acts...

At that time Roy entered her room. While walking to her, smiling he said.

“Hi Mrs. Veona. I come with two matters.” He said.

“First, we will change little a setting of our meeting today. We will have little role-play day.” He took a paper from his pocket and presented it to Alyssa.

“This is your script.” He smiled.

Alyssa read it and gasped.

“But this...”

“You can refuse of course,” He interrupted “but you know the consequences.”

Alyssa pursed her lips.

“Now second issue: I came to check whether you fallowed instructions.” Not waiting he stood behind her chair and slipped his hand under her suit. “Hmm, nice and raw... and your nipples standing attention, I see.” He smirked.

She couldn't help being excited at prospect of being caught without her undergarments.

He played little with her tit, making her breath faster, then grabbed and yanked it up. Alyssa gasped, stood and grabbed the desk to stabilize herself. Before she could say anything she felt Roy's fingers on her pussy, little later on her asshole. Even through he treated her roughly, she was excited.

“Good. I see that you followed instructions.” He said pleased. “But now I have a problem.”

She turned her head to him, only to feel how he grabs her throat and force a deep-kiss on her.

“Because of you I have a boner. Take responsibility for that.” With that he pulled out his dick and forced her to crouch with his erection right before her eyes.

Slowly she took it into her hand and started stroking it. Soon after she took it into her mouth and started giving him a blow-job. Few minutes later she tucked he skirt and while still crouching she spread her legs and started masturbating with her left hand. Moment later her right joined in. While Alyssa was sucking off Roy he done nothing, only observed. Few minutes later, he came into her mouth.

“Swallow” He said. In her heat she followed his instruction, still masturbating. When she swallowed, she started to suck him again with renewed vigor at the same time moving her hands faster. Roy understood that she was getting close to her own orgasm. He yanked her to her feet, turned her around and placed her hands on desk. He put finger into her pussy, making her shiver, and placed hand on her now naked arse.

“Do you want to cum, slut?” He asked. Vulgarism and finger in her pussy she shivered. She didn't know which turned her on more. Because Roy made no move, she unconsciously started swaying her hips. After a moment she gave up.

“...yes.” she murmured.

At that moment the bell for lessons rang.

Roy smirked. He slapped her ass chick, taking note on her pussy clamping on his finger.

“Well that's to bad teach.” He withdrawn his finger from her. “It looks like it's time for lessons to start.”

He looked at her stocking clad legs, her thighs damp with her own pussy juices. He slapped her other ass-chick, making her gasp.

“We don't want to be late now, do we?”

With that he smiled and left. Alyssa still held her hands on desk, her skirt tucked, her ass high in air, panting heavily.


Will she do something about her heat in school, contact husband for 'spontaneous' sex or withstand

          She tries to withstand, but fails.


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