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She immediately knelled, brought her mouth to Orochimaru's dick and started sucking.

'I need the antidote as fast as possible or I will go crazy.' Tsunade thought.

Orochimaru smiled at the sight of Tsunade vigorously. Her eyes full for him of hatred and fear of becoming mind-fucked slut. Well, she already was a slut... He gave Shizume a sign. She smiled and bowed. Shizune performed few handsigns. When she finished her clit changed into 2 inches thick and 8 inches long penis – technique very similar to that which Tsunade used earlier. She stud behind unsuspecting Tsunade, grabbed her hips and with single thrust penetrated her anus.

Tsunade was to concentrated on Orochimaru to notice Shizune's actions. When her apprentice started fucking her ass, she let go of Orochimaru's rod, concentrated on her own pleasure. That was until Shizune grabbed her hair and pulled them roughly, forcing Tsunade to present her tits to Orochimaru.

“You like it don't you, slut. But you concentrate to much on your self, you have Master to serve.” With that words Shizune forced Tsunade to resume blow-job. She still held Tsunade's head forcing her to deep-throat Orochimaru.

After few minutes Orochimaru cummed. Tsunade was forced to swallow all by Shizune. The drug forced her to cum intensely. Her eyes rolled into back of her head, urethral sphincters gave way, her body was twitching. She unconsciously noted that Orochimaru must have added some of his own aphrodisiacs to his cum.


Is she able to continue?


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