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Slutty Teacher | majus | 15


Alyssa couldn't really do anything. If she tried something she would surely be fired. So she could only obey. That and major part of her enjoyed that.

Few day later Roy came in the morning.

“Good Morning Mrs. Veona. How are you today?”

Alyssa only from seeing him became wet.

“Mr. Dawson. What brings you here today.”

He smiled.

“Some new rules. First, you will always wear stockings and high-heels to work. Second, you will not wear any underwear. If you fail to comply... well some pictures will find their way to police, school principal and PTA. You with me?”

Alyssa slowly nodded. She hadn't really had a choice in matter.

“Good. We have a meeting. You have guarding duty in school tomorrow night?” She nodded. “Good. We will come about eight. Except wearing what I have told you about you will wear this.” He gave her a box. “See you later teach!”. With that he left.

She carefully opened box. Inside was collar with sign 'cum-dump'. Her pussy became damp with her juices.


What does she do?

          Before she could decide


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