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Sitting before her was her former team-mate Orochimaru. Something seemed to be wrong with his hands. Shizune was massaging his cook with lubricant. Tsunade eyes widened as she understood that was no lubricant but second part of medicine 'Virgin's Scream'. When Shizune finished he smiled evilly.

“You seem to understand your situation Tsunade. But fear not. I will not rape you. You can choose. You will willingly swear your obedience to me and get me off – or you can just stay were you are... and slowly go insane he he he”

Tsunade glared at him.

Shizune came to her and pinched her nipple. Tsunade moaned.

“You like that master, it's my thanks to you.” She twisted Tsunade's nipple making her scream. “First of many thanks to come.” With that she removed dildo from her mouth and threw her before awaiting Orochimaru.


What does she do?

          she pleases her new Master


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