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My Parents run a Porn studio | mixermix | 3


"Wait a minute ." Your dad says and you turn around to him. "There is something important that needs to be take care of today that only I can do. So lets just say you take over tomorrow." You dad says.

You are annoyed by this as you wanted to meet all the pornstars now. You smile and walks away. You head straight to your room to reflect what has happened. As of tomorrow morning you will run your own porn company. You can't wait.

As the day goes on you get to thinking a bit that all the porn business is a little bit seedy and you don' really want to be a part of it and that you might say no to your parents.

As its nearing eleven O'Clock in the evening you decide to hit the hay after all you have to tell your dad that you can't take over his business.

You go to sleep.

At about 2am you wake up and go for a piss and then head back into bed. You don't wake up till the morning. Before you open your eyes you can tell its morning by the sun on your closed eyes.

But the next thing you notice is you're not alone.


Who is there?

          This Lady


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